Fast and secure with torrenting enabled, Zoog VPN might be a good choice for you. ZoogVPN is a small provider that was created in 2013 and is constantly growing to meet more user needs and overhaul security threats and online restrictions. This ZoogVPN review will throw more light on what they offer.

ZoogVPN does not offer high-standard features like many of the top VPNs. However, it offers a basic VPN service at cheap prices with extra perks, which makes it good for beginners or travelling users.

Accordingly, ZoogVPN does not log specific user activities. This was in effect after they changed location from the Isle of Man to Greece where the privacy laws are more relaxed, though it stores the email addresses provided by the user and also the bandwidth usage.

With a small network of up to 30 servers spread over 21 countries, it provides unlimited bandwidth for the paid subscribers. It also permits access to some restricted services like iTV, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Video.

However, it cannot be used to unblock BBC iPlayer and it does not work in highly restricted countries like Egypt and China.

Security with ZoogVPN is pretty basic and does not stand out. Even though ZoogVPN uses a strong 256-bit encryption and adopts many protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2, and PPTP. ZoogVPN still lacks some important features like a kill switch, which is available only to the Mac client. Also there are no advanced features like Double VPN or split tunneling. Fortunately, all ZoogVPN apps have protection against DNS leaks.

There are client apps for all platforms. Also, it is compatible with Chromebook, Linux, and routers. The Android and Windows apps runs OpenVPN by default, while the Mac and iOS apps runs IKEv2 by default. Although, it is possible to manually configure other protocols like L2TP and PPTP.

You can run ZoogVPN on many devices with up to five simultaneous connection at once. In addition, for torrenting, P2P is allowed on only specific servers marked with the “P2P” icon.
From this ZoogVPN review, we can say that is not a bad choice for newcomers and on-the-go users. It offers a free lifetime plan, decent basic features, and an excellent live chat customer support.

Is ZoogVPN safe to use?

ZoogVPN provides excellent encryption through an AES 256-bit cypher (for both data and control channels) and HMAC SHA256 (control channel) / HMAC SHA1 (data channel) for authentication.

ZoogVPN also provides a DHE-2048 PFS and an RSA-2048 handshake or Perfect Forward Secrecy. In terms of privacy, ZoogVPN is a very good service.

However, on the free plan the OpenVPN protocol encrypted through a weaker 128-bit cypher. ZoogVPN’s one big disadvantage is that it has no kill switch.

Next, for our ZoogVPN review, we did testing on the IP address to see if it there were leaks, and fortunately, there were no DNS leaks whatsoever. For a primary level of security, the VPN tunnel of ZoogVPN worked as expected from the basic tests.

Speed and Performance

Using a VPN service has a high impact on latency, performance, and speed.

Our tests show that ZoogVPN’s performance for torrenting is not that great. When we tried streaming videos, however, the performance was better than average. With these results, it is hard to recommend ZoogVPN for torrenting. But for normal web browsing and streaming, it was good enough.

It is important to note that performance may vary based on different factors, therefore ZoogVPN might be worth trying.


ZoogVPN offers a free plan which is limited to 2GB of data transfer a month and access to only 3 servers, but is good for small browsing needs.

For the paid plans, there is just one basic plan, divided into three varying subscription rates:

  • $8.99 for one month
  • $3.33 per month for six months
  • $1.25 per month for two years

ZoogVPN accepts different types of payment methods such as credit/debit cards, JCB, Paymentwall, PayPal, UnionPay, and Bitcoin.

Downloading and Installation

Installing the ZoogVPN application is very easy. All you need to do is to download the installer and launch it. Once it is installed, it automatically opens and asks you to enter your ZoogVPN credentials. The client interface is very simple and uncomplicated.

You can just click “Connect” to automatically select a suitable server, or you can click the arrow located at bottom of the application to see the list of servers available to manually select a server.

Apps and extensions

ZoogVPN is good for content streamers that want to either overhaul geographic restrictions on a website or at least access content typically unavailable via proxy servers. ZoogVPN’s goal is to ensure customers can securely and privately access sites like Netflix, Hulu, or Xfinity. Though these sites usually change their security measures, ZoogVPN still is able to work with Netflix and other streaming sites.

The options menu and interface are set up differently compared to other VPNs. It is refreshingly simple and uncomplicated, offering a modern interface. There are applications for a range of devices which are very easy to navigate and simply requires you to click the device you want in order to get started.

ZoogVPN offers extensions for web browsers and a range of mobile devices enabling seamless use. It works on all platforms like Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and even Blackberry.

ZoogVPN for Netflix

Based on the speed and performance tests, ZoogVPN has proven to be good enough for Netflix users. On some servers, specifically the Chicago one, ZoogVPN did unblock Netflix and ensured your IP address was secure. Hopefully, they’ll add a few more servers that can bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions.

Apart from Netflix, ZoogVPN can be used to unblock sites like ITV hub, Amazon, Hulu, but it cannot be used to unblock BBC iPlayer.

For torrenting and users in China

Torrenting is available with ZoogVPN, though this does seem to be dependent on what server you are using. In order to find out which ones will work, ZoogVPN has a little P2P icon next to the server that will support torrents. However, the overall speed of ZoogVPn is low and as such it isn’t recommended for torrent users.

ZoogVPN itself claims to work for users in China or any highly restricted region including Russia and the UAE. However, with the lack of privacy on some areas, such as the rather notable lack of a kill switch, we would not necessarily recommend that you actually try.

After all, the point of a VPN is privacy and in these strict countries, using a VPN with no kill switch is a big no.

Customer support

Under the “Support” section of the ZoogVPN website, you will find a VPN setup wizard, FAQs, resources, and email support.

The recently added 24/7 live chat option is easily accessible on any page you navigate to. It is fast and friendly, overall giving a very professional impression.

Bottom line of our ZoogVPN review

ZoogVPN is a good VPN for beginners and those who travel a lot, thanks to its easy installation feature. With ZoogVPN you can unblock Netflix US, along with other geo-restricted services. ZoogVPN subscription plans are considerably cheap. There is also a free plan, making it very convenient to try before you buy.

ZoogVPN comes with 256-bit encryption and supports multiple protocols. On the other hand, ZoogVPN lacks standard security features like the kill switch, and it has a limited server network.

ZoogVPN comes with a very basic and simple client application that it might be not enough for advanced users. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac, Blackberry, Linux, Chromebook, Android, and routers. With the paid subscriptions, they include five simultaneous connections, and offer a guaranteed 7-day money-back.

The fact that it can unblock Netflix (for now!) is a big point, and although it is not as established as other well-known VPN services, ZoogVPN has potential, as long as they add several other features to minimize their weaker points — a kill switch is a good step in that direction!