ZorroVPN prides itself on being private and secure, but is it really? Check out our ZorroVPN review and see what we thought of it.

ZorroVPN operates under the Belize jurisdiction, making it great for privacy and anonymity. You will see from this ZorroVPN review that ZorroVPN offers high-level security features like 4096-bit RSA authentication keys, AES 256-bit military grade encryption, and OpenVPN.

With these features and protocols, an encrypted tunnel is created for your internet activity. Because the VPN is located in the Belize jurisdiction, and has the right servers, downloading torrents and sharing P2P files is possible without any infractions from countries where torrenting is banned or illegal.

The servers located in regions like the Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, or Russia work well for uses like this. There are no speed or bandwidth restrictions, which makes it great for streaming, web browsing, torrent downloads, P2P file sharing, and making use of VoIP applications.

They have some additional features like IP address switching, Tor and VPN chain which make it possible to change your IP address whenever you want. For extra anonymity, you can make an external address “Tor” or you can simply use more network transmission nodes to make a VPN chain to get another level of security.

They offer remote assistance through TeamViewer to help you with your configuration and installation or any other issues you may have. They provide email and social media support. They provide fast response to every query you may have and they make sure your issues are solved as fast as possible. Though they have no real knowledge base, they provide a well-detailed FAQ section to many users’ queries.

Their pricing is a bit on the high side, but considering the extra features they offer, it is worth trying out. ZorroVPN is a good VPN service for users in China as well because of its intense security and privacy level. Meanwhile, there is one downside which is the download speed that is considerably lower than downloading without a VPN. Keep reading this ZorroVPN review to learn more about the VPN service.

Is ZorroVPN safe to use?

Since ZorroVPN uses a 4096-bit authentication key with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, we can emphatically say that ZorroVPN is safe to use. Additionally, ZorroVPN has the VPN chain feature, which means that your traffic is routed through four servers. With the VPN chain feature, ZorroVPN is definitely meeting the standard of complete anonymity on the internet.

And a slightly more unique feature of this VPN service is to easily combine added security from the TOR network, allowing you another way for a double anonymity shield on the web. Keep in mind that connecting to TOR does slow your browsing activities down considerably, so try the double or triple hop chain feature first.

ZorroVPN keeps no logs of user activities, and they are based in Belize, a country with a more neutral position on information sharing.

Speed & performance

In testing for this ZorroVPN review, we found that ZorroVPN’s speed was quite agreeable. Browsing with ZorroVPN proved to be fast enough, without too noticeable reduction in speeds.

Streaming with ZorroVPN is still quite fast, buffering was low, and the quality of streamed video was maintained. ZorroVPN allows paying users to check in real time the server loads, allowing them to choose the least busy ones, giving them better reliability right from the start.

Installation and Apps

ZorroVPN does not have any proprietary apps. Instead, it uses open-source and third-party applications. Setting up ZorroVPN is easy and fast for advanced users. ZorroVPN provides a feature that enables advanced users to configure the .ovpn files before downloading them. The .ovpn file is where the protocols, ports, and advanced features like MTU are configured.

ZorroVPN supports all platforms like Windows, OSX, iOS, Linux, Android, and some rare devices like the FOSS router firmware (DD-WRT and Tomato). The client application can be easily configured onto any device, as long as you are already an advanced VPN user or network administrator. With this drawback, we conclude for this ZorroVPN review that it is not recommended for beginners.

Does it work in China?

Since ZorroVPN uses OpenVPN and also has the VPN chain feature, ZorroVPN could potentially be good for users in China. ZorroVPN was developed to ensure that its users stay anonymous, based on their features and protocols we can say that ZorroVPN has been able to achieve this.

It is not guaranteed that ZorroVPN really works in China, but it’s is still a good VPN service you can try out because of their high privacy and security level. ZorroVPN comes with DoubleVPN, OpenVPN, QuadroVPN, VPN+Tor and TripleVPN features. ZorroVPN provides protocols like PTPP, TCP, UDP and VOIP.

Most especially with the VPN+Tor feature, your desired level of anonymity is achieved because the feature allows the concealing of your identity from ISPs with the aid of the Tor Browser.

ZorroVPN for Netflix

It is not certain if ZorroVPN works well for unblocking geo-restricted applications, but reviews show that there is the potential of the VPN service unblocking these sites.

Additionally, since it is a good VPN for streaming online content and offers standard speed, this lightweight service is a good choice for consistent travelers who love to use sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Kodi, and so on.

ZorroVPN for Torrenting

ZorroVPN allows torrenting and P2P file sharing. With ZorroVPN, users can easily download torrents anonymously, since it offers high standard security and protection for its users. Despite the security and possibility to torrent, downloading is not all rosy with ZorroVPN because the torrent download speed is way below average which can be very frustrating. But as explained earlier, this can be caused by other factors and not necessarily ZorroVPN itself.

When it comes to torrenting, however, the speed was a bit slower than we would have liked. On the Paris and Chicago servers, there was a problem starting the download, and the servers that could start the download had low download speed.

There are lots of factors affecting torrent downloads such as the number of seeders, latency, availability and so on, but in comparison to other VPN providers, this download speed is somewhat lacking.

Pricing Plans

If you decide to choose ZorroVPN, there is just one subscription plan which is the master plan.

  • Monthly – $15
  • Bi-monthly – $12.50/month
  • Every three months – $12.00/month
  • Semi-annually – $11.33/month
  • Annually -$10 per month

Like other VPN providers, you save when you pay for a longer period. They accept payments through Credit Card, Bitcoin, WebMoney, PayPal, Yandex Money, LiqPay, Paxum, Qiwi Wallet, InterKassa, and Perfect Money.

Customer support

On its website, ZorroVPN provides quality information about its services and features.
If you encounter a problem while trying to install or configure the service you can contact them for remote help.

They have a fast email response time and your email conversation is protected. They can also be contacted through Skype, Twitter, and ICQ. But they do not offer live support on their website.

Conclusion of ZorroVPN review

ZorroVPN is very impressive because they take privacy seriously. They make sure they provide the highest level of privacy one can get with a VPN service. With their services, bypassing online restriction is very easy and anonymity is always completely intact.

They offer good customer service, cool features like the VPN chain, transparency and an easy signup and activation process.

Downsides include, being extremely expensive, having below average torrent download speed, poor mobile performance, and no proprietary client application. If they fixed the current downsides, this VPN service is one to watch.