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Last updated Dec 29, 2022 at 8am ET

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ZorroVPN prides itself on being private and secure, but is it really? Check out our ZorroVPN review and see what we thought of it.

ZorroVPN operates under the Belize jurisdiction, making it great for privacy and anonymity. This country has no data retention laws and is far away from the reach of 14 Eyes alliance members. That means ZorroVPN can not only claim – but truly commit – to being a “no-logs” service.

Security features

ZorroVPN has strong security features, including:

  • AES 256-bit military-grade encryption
  • OpenVPN protocol
  • Tor over VPN
  • VPN chains (DoubleVPN, TripleVPN, QuadroVPN)
  • Transparent access to .onion & .bit resources
  • Own DNS servers
  • Option to disable IPv6

While the encryption is as good as it gets, we’ve missed some alternative protocols to OpenVPN. Yes, it’s an industry standard, but it’s also the most heavily blocked protocol in China, meaning that without IKEv2 or WireGuard users are in risk of exposure. Stealth protocol is also something that’d aid greatly in countries with restricted internet access that use DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) to hunt down VPN connections.

For extra anonymity, you can add Tor over your connection, or you can use more network transmission nodes to make a VPN chain, getting to another level of security. In addition to that, port forwarding is allowed, and additional IPs can be obtained too.

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Is ZorroVPN leak-proof?

One good thing about ZorroVPN is their DNS servers, allowing not to rely on third-party infrastructure. This way they have more control over providing a secure, leak-proof connection. To see how ZorroVPN fares, we did our tests for IP and DNS leaks.

The results are great – out of six tests for IP, DNS, and WebRTC vulnerabilities, ZorroVPN has passed them all with flying colors. After all, it would be regrettable to own DNS servers and fail to provide IP protection for your users. We can conclude that ZorroVPN is leak-proof.

Does ZorroVPN keep logs?

ZorroVPN keeps no logs of user activities, and they are based in Belize, a country with a more neutral position on information sharing. It’s a rare example when a service has no Privacy Policy, only Terms of Use, which don’t specify what information is collected. In this particular case, “no logs of user activities” possibly means that connection logs are still being collected.

The ensuring point is “We guarantee a privacy of user’s information and it’s protection from third parties,” which should mean that user’s data is not sold to anyone or made accessible for other reasons.

Overall, that’s an impressive list of security and privacy features for a less known VPN service, allowing us to conclude that ZorroVPN is safe to use.

Speed and performance

Speed is the second most important point we want to cover in our ZorroVPN review. Everyone knows that if a service is slow, all of its pros evaporate immediately, like a teardrop in Death Valley. Let’s see how ZorroVPN fares in this department.

Server coverage

ZorroVPN has 82 servers in 47 countries. The server spread is broad, covering all continents save for Antarctica. Often even some major VPN services decide to omit Africa and South America from their list, but that’s not the case here. ZorroVPN also offers servers in Central America (Panama) and Central Asia (Kazakhstan).

The problem is the thickness of this spread. 82 servers are not many, even if they’re all physical and not overloaded. Therefore, we’re forced to conclude that ZorroVPN’s server coverage could be better.

Speed test results

We’ve made our speed tests from Europe, connecting to servers on different continents and measuring average download and upload speeds.

For reference, our baseline speeds were as follows:

ZorroVPN speed test baseline

To better estimate the impact of server distance, we’ve checked the speed in a nearby location with a VPN turned on, getting these numbers using OpenVPN protocol:

ZorroVPN nearby server speeds

Then we checked locations in different contents to see what impact the distance has on connection speeds.

London, United Kingdom

ZorroVPN speed test UK

  • Download: 11 Mbps (96% drop-off)
  • Upload: 49 Mbps (81% drop-off)

New York, United States

ZorroVPN speed test US

  • Download: 6 Mbps (98% drop-off)
  • Upload: 17 Mbps (94% drop-off)

Sydney, Australia

ZorroVPN speed test Australia

  • Download: 6 Mbps (98% drop-off)
  • Upload: 2 Mbps (99% drop-off)

Tokyo, Japan

ZorroVPN speed test Japan

  • Download: 8 Mbps (97% drop-off)
  • Upload: 2 Mbps (99% drop-off)

We found that ZorroVPN’s speed was very slow. There’s no way such service can be used by anyone who connects to the web for more than just browsing.

Ease of use and multiplatform support

Here comes another sad part in our ZorroVPN review. This VPN has no app of its own. It means that users will have to rely on third-party software, such as OpenVPN, Viscosity or TunnelBlick. Luckily, ZorroVPN has the configuration files and detailed guides on setting things up on each of these clients.

For advanced users, ZorroVPN provides a feature allowing to configure the .ovpn files before downloading them. The .ovpn file is where the protocols, ports, and advanced features like MTU are configured.

Apart from having no native apps, ZorroVPN supports all major platforms and then some. It’s compatible with:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Routers (DD-WRT, Tomato, AsusWRT)

Downloading and installing ZorroVPN can be a bit tricky for novice users; that’s why there’s an option of remote assistance in setting it up. After purchasing the service, you’ll need to log in and follow the connection guide for your device. Those are straightforward and clear if a bit visually outdated.

Since third-party clients cannot provide users with VPN-specific controls, most settings can be tweaked from your account window after logging in. Under VPN Management, you’ll find three tabs named Manage VPN servers, Connection, and Network status.

ZorroVPN settings - VPN Management

Under Manage VPN servers, you can get a configuration file of each server and check its availability. There’s also an option to create a multi-hop VPN chain or setup port forwarding.

ZorroVPN settings - Connection

Connection tab gives all the guides and downloadable configuration files for all servers at once. Here you can also choose between TCP and UDP, 443 or 53 ports, and preferred packet size.

ZorroVPN Settings - Network Status

The last Network status tab lists all the servers, their statuses, network load, and total bandwidth. At the time of writing our ZorroVPN review, only servers in Russia had some significant traffic, which doesn’t speak in favor of this tool because it means we did our speed tests under low-traffic conditions.

Unblocking Netflix and other streaming platforms

ZorroVPN is too weak to unblock Netflix. We’ve tried multiple locations on different continents, getting the same “Oops!” screen. We cannot recommend it for BBC iPlayer, Hulu, or any other streaming option either – not with those sluggish speeds that we’ve got.

For those who want the best possible streaming experience, we advise choosing one of the best VPNs for Netflix.

Online censorship in China and elsewhere

Since ZorroVPN uses OpenVPN protocol that’s heavily blocked in China and lacks a stealth protocol, crucial for avoiding DPI, it’s hard to recommend this tool. On the other hand, it’s not the worst option either due to its high privacy and security standards. Features like the VPN chain (multi-hop) and Tor over VPN can help to avoid getting tracked down and blocked.

For those who want the best possible option to use in countries with restricted internet freedom, we offer to check out the best VPNs for China list.

P2P and torrenting

ZorroVPN allows torrenting and P2P file sharing. With ZorroVPN, users can easily download torrents anonymously, since it offers high standard security and protection for its users. Despite that, downloading is not all rosy with ZorroVPN because of the slow speeds.

There are lots of factors affecting torrent downloads such as the number of seeders, latency, availability and so on, but in comparison to other VPN providers, we cannot recommend ZorroVPN simply because it’s slow. Those wanting the best P2P experience should take a look at our list of best VPN services for torrenting.

Customer support

The following customer support options are available for ZorroVPN subscribers:

  • Remote assistance in setting up VPN
  • Opening a ticket via web form
  • Emailing
  • Tweeting
  • FAQ

They reply to every query pretty quickly and make sure your issues are solved as fast as possible. Though there’s no real knowledge base, a well-detailed FAQ section should answer at least some of the questions.

Unfortunately, there’s no live chat, and ZorroVPN doesn’t state that any of the support options are available 24/7. So if you have an urgent issue and find yourself on a wrong timezone, getting help might take longer than getting a VPN with a live 24/7 chat.


If you decide to choose ZorroVPN, there’s just one subscription plan named Master:

  • Monthly – $15.00/month
  • Bi-monthly – $12.50/month
  • Every three months – $12.00/month
  • Semi-annually – $11.33/month
  • Annually – $10.00/month

Payment options include Web Money, Perfect Money, PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, Bitcoin, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, and Monero. If that wasn’t enough, you can contact them about alternative payment options as well.

Compared to the competitors, ZorroVPN is expensive, even with five simultaneous connections allowed. While it offers great security and privacy, speed is its Achilles’ heel. What’s more, there’s a slim chance that Netflix US will become available using this tool anytime soon.

If you’re still inclined on trying ZorroVPN, the good news is that it offers a 7-day money-back guarantee which should be enough to test everything out.

Bottom line

We can’t recommend ZorroVPN, although they take your privacy and anonymity very seriously. For the price they’re asking, one should get a 24/7 live chat service, access to Netflix and at least decent speeds. But while this service lacks all of that, there’s not much else left to offer for an average user.

This tool might interest those who use the internet primarily for browsing and have a fetish for overpaying using some less-known option such as Yandex.Money or QIWI. For others, we’d advise picking something from the best VPN services in 2020.


  • Top-notch encryption and multi-hop security feature
  • Outside of 14 Eyes jurisdiction
  • Allows torrenting
  • A bunch of payment options


  • Very expensive
  • Installation may be difficult for newbies
  • No native app
  • No live chat
  • Doesn't work with Netflix
  • Very slow speeds
 4.4 / 10
Total score
$10.00 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Pat Reed May 31, 2019 at 1:55 am

    For what they charge, I’d expect a lot more than what ZorroVPN offers. It also sounds like a real pain to set up. I know that it comes with some extra security features and maybe if that’s important to you it would be worth the price. I think I’ll keep looking.

  2. Kristian G. March 17, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    Zorrovpn is great, expensive – yes but it gets the job done better than all those cheap VPNs. If you’re serious to stay anonymous is zorrovpn

  3. Willa R February 24, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    Zorrovpn is outstanding in some aspects. It is a great VPN, no doubt about it. Having top notch encryption and chain security features. The speed is good and it allows for torrenting.

  4. Adel Johnson February 5, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    Zorro Vpn seem a good one looking at this review. The fact that it has a top notch encryption and security features makes it an enviable vpn even though it is on the expensive side. I wouldn’t mind using this service whenever I can.

  5. Mitchell1344 February 5, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    Staying secure in the modern world is more difficult than ever. Every day, we face threats to our identities, our personal information, our data, and even ourselves.

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