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How to watch CBS online from anywhere in 2024

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CBS is an American television broadcasting network, home to many popular TV series and movies. It’s available to most citizens via cable connection or third-party online streaming services. It also has its streaming platform called Paramount+ (previously known as CBS All Access).

If you’re outside the USA, there’s no way for you to access CBS unless you have a VPN. A virtual private network can redirect your connection through a server in another country, thus changing your IP address and tricking online services into believing that you’re somewhere else. For example, if you live in Canada you can change your location to the US and watch CBS online.

Although that sounds simple, not every VPN can unblock streaming platforms like Paramount+. That is why we’ve tested numerous services to see how everything works and what is the best VPN that unblocks CBS.

How to watch CBS online with a VPN – quick guide

  1. Choose a reliable streaming VPN. We recommend going with NordVPN, available for 74% off!
  2. Download the VPN app and install it on your device
  3. Connect to any server in the US
  4. Subscribe to Paramount+ or another streaming service with CBS available
  5. Download the streaming app or visit its website
  6. Watch whatever you want on CBS!

Choose the best VPN for CBS

Why do you need a VPN to watch CBS in 2024?

CBS is a television broadcasting and production company that’s based in the US. That means that most of what they produce is only licensed to be available on their home turf. To ensure that online streaming services don’t overreach and adhere to their distribution obligations, they use what is known as geo-blocking.

Essentially, IP addresses outside the US are prohibited from watching CBS content on Paramount+ or other similar platforms. Thankfully, you can obtain a US IP address by changing your location with a VPN. Then all of your internet activities are obfuscated with AES-256 encryption and unreadable to various snoopers, such as your ISP. Plus, keeping your browsing history hidden prevents data throttling based on your activities.

Additionally, even global streaming services like Netflix are subjected to geographical restrictions. That means that users in the UK get access to vastly different content than in the USA or Japan. With a VPN for streaming, you could take full advantage of your subscription and watch TV shows and movies from all over the world.

Best VPNs for CBS: overview

While there’s no shortage of VPN service options, only a handful are capable of unblocking CBS effectively. We’ve tested many and selected the top three VPNs for watching CBS from anywhere.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for streaming CBS

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, Email

The best tool for dealing with CBS geographical restrictions is NordVPN. It’s an industry veteran with exceptional connection speeds, a vast array of servers, and reliable security features.

First off, NordVPN is loaded with 6300+ servers in 111+ countries. Many of these servers are equipped with RAM-only server technology to handle data privately. Plus, wicked-fast connections are guaranteed with the proprietary NordLynx tunneling protocol.

Besides Paramount+, NordVPN is commonly used to unlock more content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and other popular streaming services. Furthermore, you can enjoy the benefits of a VPN connection on practically any device thanks to the SmartPlay feature.

You can start your NordVPN journey by claiming a 7-day free trial on the Google Play Store. Alternatively, numerous coupon codes are available if you’d like to get a great discount on a subscription. Currently, prices start at $3.09/month and are protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of NordVPN, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – CBS VPN with unlimited connections

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, FAQ
  • Strong encryption
  • Excellent performance
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Almost zero logs
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Unlocks Netflix and other platforms
  • Great for torrenting
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Supports plenty of platforms and devices
  • Cutting-edge Nexus feature
  • No-logs policy hasn't been audited

You ought to get Surfshark if your VPN needs are unfathomable. It permits infinite connections, provides air-tight privacy, and reliable performance in many scenarios.

For starters, Surfshark runs a network of 3200+ servers in 100+ countries. What’s noteworthy is that the entire fleet runs on RAM-only technology. Meanwhile, mind-blowing connections are ensured with the modern and open-source WireGuard tunneling protocol.

In addition to Paramount+, Surfshark is a top choice for combining with HBO Max, Disney+, or Hulu. You can utilize the VPN on almost any device with the coveted Smart DNS feature.

A Surfshark free trial is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. On the other hand, paid plans can be more affordable by utilizing online discount codes. With it, you can subscribe to this VPN for as little as $2.19/month. Lastly, each subscription is insured with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of Surfshark VPN, read our Surfshark VPN review.

Best streaming services to watch CBS

There are plenty of ways to watch CBS, even if you’re a cord cutter. The most obvious method is subscribing to the official CBS streaming service Paramount+. However, there are other third-party options, such as:

  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu
  • FuboTV

Just remember that they are only available in the US and won’t work elsewhere without a VPN.


Previously known as CBS All Access, this streaming service hosts original content produced by CBS, plus exclusive live sports events and well-known classic films. Additionally, plenty of bundles are available that combine channels like Showtime, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, and more. Meanwhile, sports fans will be able to watch the NFL, UEFA and other exciting competitions live.

The service’s subscription starts at $4.99/month if you don’t mind ads, while the ad-free plan starts at $9.99/month. Either option allows you to connect three different devices simultaneously. Additionally, you can test out the service with its 7-day free trial.

YouTube TV

Instead of Paramount+, you could opt for a third-party streaming service like YouTube TV. In addition to CBS, it grants access to ABC, ESPN, Fox, CNN, AMC, and countless other channels. Plus, sports fans will be happy to hear that NFL, NBA, and MLB networks are also included. Best of all, convenient watching is ensured with unlimited DVR.

YouTube TV starts at $64.99/month and offers numerous add-ons if you’d like to include other benefits like 4K streaming or content from other networks. If that seems like a lot, you can start off with a 7-day free trial. And don’t forget that you need a VPN for YouTube TV if you want to access the streaming service outside the US.


One of the most popular streaming services in America is Hulu. Much like Paramount+, it’s aimed at cord-cutters and provides access to original streaming content and essential live TV shows, such as news and sports. Besides the basic plan, you can purchase a subscription that’s bundled with Disney+ and ESPN+. Unfortunately, the streaming service is only available in the US, meaning you won’t be able to watch it elsewhere without a VPN for Hulu.

After a generous 30-day free trial, monthly prices begin at $6.99/month for the basic plan. Meanwhile, the most expansive Hulu + Live TV option (including CBS) costs a whopping $64.99/month. Of course, it’s packaged with numerous other benefits, such as cloud DVR and unlimited screens.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is arguably the most cost-effective option, with plans that include over 200 different channels to choose from. Some regional restrictions apply on what channels become available, but that’s not an issue when you have a VPN for the US.

The Starter plan costs $64.99/month and provides 100+ channels in your location and 30 hours of cloud DVR. Pro and elite plans provide more channel options, resolutions up to 4K, and unlimited screens at home. Best of all, viewers can test out each plan with a 14-day free trial.

How to watch CBS on your device

Most streaming services have dedicated apps for the most widely-used devices, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Naturally, specialized home theater systems are also supported. And if something doesn’t work, there’s always some workaround available. At the very least, it’s always possible to contact customer service.

How to watch CBS on PC (Windows or Mac)

The most common household all-in-one work and entertainment system is the desktop computer. Unsurprisingly, it’ll manage to stream CBS if you have a streaming service with the channel plus a VPN.

  1. Download any VPN that works on personal computers. Our top choice is NordVPN
  2. Connect to a server in the US
  3. Visit the Paramount+ website and sign up for a free trial
  4. Watch CBS content to your heart’s content!

How to watch CBS on mobile devices (Android and iOS)

Mobile devices are perfect if you need entertainment while traveling or commuting. CBS is available both on Android and iOS when you’re using any streaming service. The setup process is pretty straightforward.

  1. Download the official VPN app for your provider. We recommend NordVPN
  2. Log in and connect to any server in the USA
  3. Head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for the Paramount+ app
  4. Download it, sign up for a free trial and have fun!

How to watch CBS on smart TVs

Watching CBS with a VPN on smart TVs is a bit complex since there are many different manufacturers and models. Generally speaking, streaming apps are ok for these devices, but VPN software is not compatible with them. That means you’ll have to set up a VPN on a router if you wish to watch CBS outside the US.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that’s configurable on routers. My go-to option is NordVPN
  2. Set up a US VPN connection on your home router
  3. Connect your smart TV to the router network
  4. Look for the Paramount+ app on your device’s app store
  5. Log in with your account and watch CBS conveniently!

How to watch CBS on Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a small device that connects to the HDMI port of any monitor. The best part is that it natively supports VPN software and numerous streaming platforms.

  1. Choose a VPN that has a FireOS app. Our favorite provider is NordVPN
  2. Pick any server location in the United States
  3. Download and install the Paramount+ app
  4. Create an account and watch whatever you please!

How to watch CBS on Kodi

Kodi is an open-source application that you can install on devices that don’t typically support VPN software. Then you can conduct the VPN connection through Kodi without manual configuration.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN that has a Kodi add-on. We recommend going with NordVPN
  2. Install Kodi on your preferred streaming device
  3. Download the VPN add-on and connect to a server in the US
  4. Install the Pluto TV add-on and watch CBS securely!

How to watch CBS on Roku

Roku doesn’t support VPN software natively. As such, you’ll need to install Kodi on Roku or set up your router with a VPN connection.

  1. Pick a VPN that can be installed on your router. I recommend going with NordVPN
  2. Manually configure your router with a VPN connection in the US
  3. Reset your Roku and connect it to the router network
  4. Log into Paramount+ and enjoy CBS from anywhere!

How to watch CBS on Apple TV

Unfortunately, Apple TV devices don’t support VPN software natively. However, you can install Kodi on Apple TV or connect it to a VPN-configured router network.

  1. Opt for a VPN that’s compatible with routers. Our top choice is NordVPN
  2. Install the VPN on your home router and set up a connection in the US
  3. Connect your Apple TV to the router network
  4. Search for CBS on the Apple App Store and start watching!

How to watch CBS from anywhere

There are no limits on where you can watch CBS from once you have a VPN at your disposal. Whether you’re in Canada, Europe, or Australia, CBS can be accessed by following these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN with plenty of servers in the US. Our top recommendation is NordVPN
  2. Download the app and connect to an American server
  3. Sign up for a free trial of Paramount+
  4. Enjoy CBS content from anywhere!

Can’t access CBS with a VPN?

We can’t expect VPNs to work flawlessly all the time. Sometimes VPN servers get blocked due to overuse. Meanwhile, other VPN providers don’t focus on unblocking streaming platforms. In any case, if you’ve enabled a VPN but still can’t access CBS or Paramount+, try these solutions:

  • Reconnect to a different server
  • Switch to a different tunneling protocol
  • If you’re watching on a browser – clear the cache and cookies
  • Check for IP and DNS leaks on sites like ipleak.net

If all else fails, try contacting your VPN provider’s customer support. They should be able to assist you. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to switch to a different VPN for streaming.

Can I watch CBS for free?

Although free VPNs sound ideal on paper, it’s not a good idea. First off, most free VPN services don’t guarantee effective geo-block circumvention. Secondly, they have monthly data caps, preventing you from watching too much HD content in one sitting. Besides that, completely free VPNs are notorious for collecting user data to profit.

As such, we recommend looking into VPN providers with free trials. You can then combine the trial periods of the VPN and Paramount+ to see if everything works as you’d like.

What can I watch on CBS?

Paramount Plus with NordVPN connected

One of the main attractions of CBS at the moment is the ability to watch the NFL conference championship. The divisional playoffs are ongoing right now and the matches are available both on cable and via online streaming.

Besides live TV and sports, CBS and Paramount+ are home to excellent original TV shows and movies. You won’t be able to watch these shows anywhere else, so it’s worth trying the service out just for these:

  • Mayor of Kingstown
  • Star Trek Discovery
  • South Park Post Covid
  • 1883
  • Seal Team
  • Infinite

Bottom line

The only way to watch CBS outside the US is with a virtual private network. It can redirect your web connection through a server in the United States, granting you an American IP address and access to Paramount+. The ideal option is to use a reliable VPN service, but a free trial is also viable if you’d like a risk-free test first.

What do you want to watch on CBS with a VPN? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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How can I watch CBS outside the US?

You can watch CBS outside the US by using a virtual private network with servers in the USA, for example, NordVPN. Then you’ll have access to an American IP address, allowing you to circumvent geographical restrictions and watch the channel through an online streaming service.

Is it legal to use a VPN with CBS?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to use a VPN to circumvent geographical restrictions. However, online services don’t always permit the use of such software to spoof your location. Typically these rules are outlined in the terms of service.

What streaming services have the CBS channel?

You can watch CBS through Paramount+ (previously known as CBS All Access), YouTube TVHulu, or FuboTV.

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  1. seventh meeple September 22, 2019 at 3:33 am

    I needed to get CBS All Access earlier this year, so this would have been great information to have. Oh well! I’ll need it again for some streaming, and now I know to get an ExpressVPN trial at the same time.

  2. Zigel September 13, 2019 at 8:41 am

    I actually want to know how to watch cbs sports overseas. That’s what I am interested in and my brother would like to watch a few of their shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS. Is there any other way to do this without getting a VPN or is that the only way? Thanks, guys.

    1. RyanZ September 17, 2019 at 3:06 pm

      If you and your brother want to watch CBS outside US you must get a VPN, and a good one. Why a good one? Because you can then also unlock Netflix US and your brother can see Criminal Minds and NCIS. Looking for a cbs live stream is just a waste of time. Just grab a VPN for 6-12 months so you pay less and you can then enjoy all the CBS you want. And if you want to do this for a longer time, why not consider getting a 3 year Nordvpn deal which will end up costing you a little over $100 for 3 years! I think that’s an insanely generous deal right there and that’s what I got. You won’t be sorry.

      1. Zigel September 22, 2019 at 5:37 pm

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  3. Jonii September 4, 2019 at 2:58 pm

    I wanted to watch CBS outside the USA because I like their shows but couldn’t find a good way to do it. Wanted to watch cbs online free but everything I found either didn’t work at all or it worked partially. I didn’t want to invest in a VPN but now I couldn’t live without it anymore. I took NordVPN for a test for a month to see how it would handle and I realized how good it is. I am now using it for torrenting, browsing, unlocking Netflix US, unlocking BBC iPlayer and so on and so forth. How could I leave without this vpn until now is beyond me. Needless to say that after that 1 month trial I just took the plunge and got the 3 year Nordvpn deal and I pay so little per month it’s not even funny. I now feel safe when I’m online no matter what I am doing.

    1. Davos September 8, 2019 at 1:33 pm

      I want to watch american tv overseas, and CBS in particular. I was hoping to watch cbs online free but it seems that won’t work and I might need to get a vpn. I’m torn between ExpressVPN and NORDVPN. After reading your comment, Jonii, I figured I would go the same route as you and try Nord for a month. I may even try Express for a month as well just to see the differences between the two of them.

  4. Jamie May 27, 2019 at 11:26 am

    CBS is no doubt one of my favorite channels! I can stay hooked to it for like ages! Seen all episodes of all seasons of The Big Bang Theory, my favorite show.

  5. VPNTrialJunkie May 8, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    The Big Band Theory and Criminal Minds are two of my favorite shows! I usually watch the recordings later on because of work and other commitments at the time they are aired on TV. I did try using a VPN when I was travelling but the travel stress and fatigue was quite a bit so I did not enjoy watching the shows.

  6. Doris Williams March 9, 2019 at 10:03 pm

    CBS really does offer a good variety of content for an old-school network. I like CBS so much that I have the CBS app (although I also get it for their Star Trek Discovery program). Still, the network’s use of geo-blocking is cheesy and prevents people outside the U.S. from accessing their content unless they know how to bypass it. Looks like these people have some options finally.

  7. RachelComet1482 February 1, 2019 at 5:02 am

    ExpressVPN has been feeding my NCIS addiction for a while now. I can only get back to the states ever so often, so a lot of the times the places I end up (I travel a lot!) won’t let me binge watch NCIS like I used to at home. Fortuantely, I discovered how to bypass it. I definitely recommend ExpressVPN…you guys will thank me later!

  8. Desire Jodion January 26, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    Hi there! I read your informative blog about how to unlock CBS outside of the US. I am going mad because I am not able to do it and I would like to ask you in terms of fee. If we can talk a little bit…Hope it doesn’t bother you dear.

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