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Last updated: February 6, 2023
Premier League season 2021/22
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The English Premier League (EPL) came back on 6th August 2022 after a short break. However, fans outside the UK have trouble finding out how to watch Premier League online. The reason behind this is geo-blocking, used by streaming services like Sky Go or BT Sport.

Luckily, you can easily bypass the geo-blocks by using a VPN.

With a Premier League VPN, you can connect to a server in a country where EPL streams are available. This way, you can watch your favorite fixtures as if you were in the UK. Continue reading to learn about the best VPN for streaming Premier League and broadcasters available worldwide.

Watch Premier League live online
Season starts:
August 6, 2022
Streaming services:
Sky Sports, Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport (UK), NBC Sports Gold (US), Hotstar (India), Optus (Australia), Spark Sport (New Zealand)
Watch anywhere:
NordVPN, now 57% OFF

Follow our 4-step guide to curb blackouts, geographical restrictions, and other nuisances that would stop your enjoyment of the English Premier League!

How to watch Premier League from anywhere

  1. Choose a reliable streaming VPN. We propose NordVPN, now 68% off
  2. Download the VPN on your favorite sports-viewing device and connect to a server in an EPL-supported country
  3. Sign up for NBC Sports Gold or another streaming platform
  4. Watch Premier League online from anywhere!

Get NordVPN for EPL

Why do you need a VPN for Premier League?

First and foremost, you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch Premier League if the stream is geographically-restricted in your country. Nowadays, this is a common issue due to licensing and distribution issues. Luckily, a VPN can fix this problem by rerouting your connection, changing your virtual location, and granting you the ability to choose the best streaming service for EPL.

However, redirecting your traffic through far-away servers could result in slower download speeds because of increased travel distance. That’s why it’s critical to use only the fastest available VPN to watch the Premier League. These providers utilize modern technologies and expansive server fleets for efficient data travel. Without them, customers are stuck with extended loading times and low-quality video streams.

Additionally, some of the best VPN services are fairly versatile and provide much-needed digital security too. They grant privacy against snoopers via encryption, which makes your online activities unreadable. Plus, VPN software blocks ads, online trackers, malware, and other potential threats.

We tried watching the English Premier League with many different VPNs and picked only the most reliable and worthwhile services. Best of all, you can test each one without commitment, thanks to free trials and money-back guarantees.

Top 3 VPN services for watching Premier League

Without further ado, here are the best providers that we would use to watch Premier League with VPN.

Each one grants blazing-fast connectivity and plenty of servers in the UK to ensure a flawless streaming experience. They’re also incredibly secure and will keep you safe while waiting for the next Premier League match. Meanwhile, subscription prices are affordable if you apply a VPN coupon code.

Check out their short overviews below. And if you need more information, we’ve written detailed reviews for each.

1. NordVPN – top VPN for streaming Premier League anywhere

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, Email
  • Minimal speed loss with NordLynx
  • Independently audited and secure
  • Excellent streaming performance
  • Only six simultaneous connections

NordVPN is the #1 choice for unblocking Premier League abroad. This service is packed with top-of-the-line features and guarantees top-notch content unblocking. Give it a shot using the NordVPN 7-day free trial.

First off, the server network consists of 5400+ servers, with over 400 in the UK. Users can choose from regular, P2P, obfuscated, and Onion over VPN servers to fit their needs. Whichever you choose, connectivity will be excellent, thanks to the proprietary NordLynx tunneling protocol.

Besides the Premier League, NordVPN is a top contender for accessing geo-restricted content on streaming platforms like ESPN+. Using the dedicated apps, you’ll have no trouble watching foreign sports in UHD on Android TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Alternatively, you can use SmartPlay to unblock Premier League on devices without VPN app support.

Get the best Champions League VPN for as little as $3.49/month using a NordVPN discount code. Don’t forget that you can always reconsider, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of NordVPN, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark VPN – Premier League VPN with unlimited connections

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, FAQ
  • WireGuard-powered connections
  • 100% RAM-only servers
  • Smart DNS for convenient content unlocking
  • Some features cost extra

Surfshark VPN is ideal if you need a VPN for an entire Premier League fan club. The service permits unlimited simultaneous device connections and guarantees excellent performance. See for yourself using the 7-day free Surfshark trial.

The fleet consists of 3200+ RAM-only servers across 100+ countries, an exceptionally diverse selection of regions. Furthermore, Premier League viewers can select from roughly 350 servers in the United Kingdom. Best of all, WireGuard is available for maximizing connection speeds while streaming.

Security-conscious users will enjoy the many added benefits of Surfshark VPN. For starters, CleanWeb wipes away ads, trackers, and malware. Meanwhile, Camouflage and NoBorders modes are available to avoid the strictest network restrictions. Plus, IP Rotator can improve your anonymity by intermittently changing your IP address and making you harder to track.

Watch Premier League with this VPN for only $2.30/month when utilizing a Surfshark discount code. Commit without hesitation because a 30-day money-back guarantee has your back.

For a deeper investigation of Surfshark VPN, read our Surfshark VPN review.

3. PrivateVPN – cheapest VPN for watching Premier League abroad

Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat
  • 7-day free trial
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Versatile features
  • Lacks WireGuard

PrivateVPN is the most budget-friendly way of watching the Premier League from anywhere. Subscriptions are ridiculously cheap yet don’t disappoint in terms of available features.

The service makes do with a small network of 200+ servers in 63+ countries. Connectivity is faster than expected with the help of High Quality Network, which is the practice of buying internet capacity directly from transit providers. Plus, the OpenVPN tunneling protocol provides reliable and well-performing connectivity.

One PrivateVPN account can be used to secure up to 10 different devices simultaneously. Alternatively, customers can expand on that by setting up a router with a VPN connection. Whichever method you choose, unblocking geo-restricted Premier League streams will be a piece of cake.

Familiarize yourself with PrivateVPN using the 7-day free trial. After that, you can stream Premier League anywhere by signing up for merely $2.00/month. The best prices are guaranteed if you’re using a PrivateVPN coupon. As always, you can always turn back using the 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of PrivateVPN, read our PrivateVPN review.

How to watch Premier League in your location

Below are the guides on streaming EPL 2022/23 in different countries. Some offer alternatives, while others have only one broadcaster. Luckily, you can expand your options with a VPN that circumvents geo-blocking.

How to watch English Premier League in the US

Streaming platformMonthly priceFree trial
Peacock$4.997-day trial
Sling TV$35First month at half price
fuboTV$69.997-day trial
Hulu + Live TV$69.99
YouTube TV$64.99For new users, duration varies

First, let’s start with the most budget-friendly way of unblocking the EPL. As you can see, the cheapest way to watch the Premier League with a VPN is by combining Peacock with PrivateVPN.

The former starts at $4.99/month if you don’t mind ads, while the ad-free version costs $9.99/month. Meanwhile, PrivateVPN requires a paltry investment of $2.00/month. Best of all, you can use the free trials of both services to see if everything works as intended.

Naturally, you can use any VPN with US servers to access one of the many online streaming services with Premier League. For example, the Blue package of SlingTV costs $35/month, with new users getting a 50% discount for the first month.

NordVPN with MLBTV

After that, US streaming service prices skyrocket. YouTube TV costs $64.99/month, but you can sign up for a free trial. fuboTV costs $69.99/month but comes with a 7-day free trial. Lastly, Hulu + Live TV (which also includes Disney+ and ESPN+ streaming services) costs $69.99/month yet doesn’t provide a no-cost trial.

If you’re still using cable, viable channels include NBC, the NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), CNBC, and USA.

Whichever streaming service you pick, unrestricted access to it is guaranteed with NordVPN, currently available for 57% off.

How to stream Premier League in the UK

Streaming platformMonthly priceFree trial
Sky Sports (Now Sports)£187-day trial
BT Sport£25
Amazon Prime Video£7.9930-day money-back guarantee

You may think that UK residents will have the easiest time watching the Premier League live. Unfortunately, the opposite is true because of blackout laws. As such, match availability will depend purely on your current location. Luckily, that’s not a problem if you’re using a VPN with plenty of UK servers. Plus, you can use the same VPN to unblock foreign streaming services and watch without worrying about blackouts.

The local streaming options are Sky Sports, BT Sport, and Amazon Prime Video. In total, you can get to see 200 fixtures live online across all three. Therefore, if you aren’t already a subscriber, watching all those games can cost a fortune.

Sky Sports offer 128 EPL matches – more than any other UK broadcaster. If you’re already a Sky subscriber, the Sports package will cost £25/month extra. Alternatively, you can choose only soccer channels for £18/month. If you don’t have Sky, the best option is Now Sports for £33/month.

Moving on, we find BT Sport with 52 fixtures from the 2022/23 season. If you have BT TV and BT broadband, be prepared to add £16/month and pay an absurd £20 connection fee. However, you can add a Big Sports package for £41/month, including 128 Sky’s games. Lastly, non-subscribers can choose BT Sport Monthly Pass that costs £25/month.

Amazon Prime Video broadcasts only 20 Premier League matches, but you won’t find them on Sky Sports or BT Sport. This streaming service costs £7.99/month and gives you the rest of its library. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With the way things are in the UK, you might be tempted to look for a Premier League streaming service elsewhere. In such a case, choose NordVPN, the best VPN for unblocking all EPL fixtures.

How to watch Premier League in Australia

Streaming platformMonthly priceFree trial
Optus Sports$24.99 AUD

Watching the Premier League in Australia is only available with Optus Sports. On the other hand, alternatives are barely needed when Optus Sport gives you all 380 fixtures. If you’re already their client, you won’t even have to pay extra!

Those not subscribed to Optus Sport can choose their app. While the registration requires a mobile device, streaming is available on most platforms. The price is $24.99 AUD a month, but you can get the annual option for $199 AUD/year which translates into roughly $16.60 AUD/month.

If you want to watch Premier League via Optus Sport from another country, you’ll need a solid VPN. Our #1 option is NordVPN, available with 57% off.

How to stream EPL 2022/23 season in New Zealand

Streaming platformMonthly priceFree trial
Sky Sport Now$39.99 NZD7-day trial

Accessing the English Premier League in New Zealand is possible via Sky Sport Now. This online streaming service offers a wide range of subscriptions, ranging from weekly to annual plans. Additionally, separate pay-per-view events are provided for select events.

The cheapest week pass grants 7 days of access for a one-time payment of $19.99 NZD. The plan doesn’t automatically renew, making it ideal for sports-viewing weekends. Meanwhile, the most dedicated fans should get the annual plan, which requires a sum of $399.99. Finally, the most-flexible monthly plan costs $39.99/month.

Not impressed with these options? Sign up for NordVPN and choose any other streaming service with better plans.

How to watch Premier League using VPN: video review

In this How to watch Premier League video, you will find the quickest way to stream EPL hassle-free. While we made it for the last season, it still works for 2022/23.

How to watch Premier League LIVE | Check out VPN tutorial

How to watch EPL on your devices

Whether you can watch the EPL stream on your device depends if your broadcasting provider has a compatible app. Thankfully, practically all online services support computers, mobile phones, and even Smart TVs. Here’s how to watch the Premier League online with these devices.

Watch EPL on Windows or macOS

Want to watch Premier League while sitting on a couch with your Macbook Air? Or maybe you’d prefer the second screen of your Windows gaming rig? In either case, simply follow these steps:

  1. Get a VPN with a large server selection. Our top choice is NordVPN, now 57% off
  2. Connect to a server in a country where your preferred streaming platform is available
  3. Log in to the streaming platform or create an account
  4. Start watching Premier League live online!

Watch English Football on PC

Watch Premier League on Android or iOS

The majority of streaming platforms support mobile devices. Some even require one for account creation. Here’s how to follow your favorite soccer team on iOS or Android:

  1. Get a reliable VPN from the provider’s website. Alternatively, you can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. We recommend NordVPN with a 57% discount
  2. Connect to a VPN server where your chosen streaming platform is available
  3. Sign up or log in to the streaming platform
  4. Watch English Premier League hassle-free

Stream the EPL on mobile devices

Watch English Premier League on a Smart TV

Streaming soccer on your biggest screen is the best way of enjoying EPL at home. Luckily, our recommended broadcasters and VPNs support the most popular smart TVs. Here is the step-by-step guide that works for most of them:

  1. Sign up to a router-compatible Premier League VPN. Our top choice is NordVPN
  2. Manually configure your home router with a VPN (follow our detailed router VPN setup guide)
  3. Connect to a server, i.e., the US for NBC Sports
  4. Plug your Smart TV into the router network
  5. Turn on your television and log in to your chosen streaming platform
  6. Start watching EPL on your smart TV!

Watch Premier League at home

Alternatively, you can use the Smart DNS feature, available with NordVPN and Surfshark VPN. However, this feature works only with some streaming platforms. Check the provider websites for more details.

How to watch English Premier League on streaming devices

You don’t need a desktop or a mobile device to stream Premier League online. Both broadcasters and VPN providers work with Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Kodi, and similar platforms. Below are the step-by-step guides for each device.

Watch Premier League on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon offers a number of streaming devices, and most of them are supported by EPL broadcasters. Additionally, our recommended VPNs for the EPL are compatible with FireOS and provide dedicated easy-to-use apps.. Here are the steps needed to stream Premier League on Amazon Fire TV:

  1. Download a VPN app for your Amazon Fire device. We suggest NordVPN, the top choice for watching EPL
  2. Connect to a country with the streaming platform. For example, you choose the UK server if you want to watch EPL on Sky Sports
  3. Search for the streaming platform on your Fire TV dashboard
  4. Download and log in to the streaming app
  5. Watch Premier League like there’s no tomorrow!

Stream the EPL on Fire TV

Watch English Premier League on Roku

Roku doesn’t have native support for VPNs. That means you’ll have to install it on your router to avoid EPL geo-blocking in the 2022/23 season. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Subscribe to VPN with router firmware. We’re always satisfied with NordVPN, now with a 57% discount.
  2. Install the VPN on your router
  3. Connect to a country of your choice. For instance, if your streaming platform is BT Sport, go for the UK
  4. Connect Roku to the router
  5. Sign up or log in to the streaming service
  6. Watch Premier League as if you’ve never watched it before!

Tune into the EPL on Roku

Watch EPL on Apple TV

Apple TV doesn’t support VPNs, and that’s why they don’t have apps for it. However, most VPNs can still work with these devices if you connect them to the same router or use Smart DNS. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. Get a VPN. We recommend NordVPN, now 57% off
  2. Install the VPN on a router
  3. Connect to a country where the broadcast is available. I.e., choose Australia for watching EPL on Optus Sport
  4. Download the streaming app from the Apple App Store
  5. Watch Premier League live online!

Enjoy Premier League on Apple TV

Watch Premier League on Kodi

Once again, this method requires you to install a VPN on your router, which is also connected to your Kodi-powered device. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a well-performing VPN for Kodi. We vouch for NordVPN, the best VPN for watching Premier League
  2. Install the VPN on your home router
  3. Connect to a country that broadcasts EPL
  4. Install the streaming add-on on your Kodi device
  5. Sit back and enjoy live Premier League soccer!

Watch Premier League on Kodi

How to watch Premier League for free

Unfortunately, there’s no legal option for streaming Premier League fixtures for free, unless you’re in Sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, your best bet is that your current cable provider offers such an option. If not, you’ll have to sign up to one of the EPL streaming services from the list below. Thankfully, some options, like Peacock for $4.99/month, won’t break your bank.

Then comes the problem of geo-blocking. If the broadcaster is unavailable in your country, you’ll need a reliable VPN service to watch from outside. And while there are a few good free VPNs, we cannot recommend them for the following reasons.

First off, free VPNs offer a limited number of countries. Most of the time, it’s one location in Europe and one in the US. Only a few provide servers in the Asia Pacific, usually either Japan or Australia.

Secondly, free VPNs are significantly slower than most premium counterparts. See for yourself on our up-to-date VPN speed test. This can be due to server overcrowding or the provider deliberately limiting performance. In any case, poor connectivity means poor video quality, buffering, and frustration.

If that wasn’t enough, the majority of free VPNs can’t unblock streaming services. While we’re talking about Netflix, Disney+, and alike, the same applies to Premier League broadcasters. Even if it worked once, it might not work the second time.

Finally, most free VPNs impose data caps. This can range from 10 GB/month to 500 MB/day or even less. Therefore, even if you benefit from fast speeds, streaming in HD will quickly leave you with no data for future matches.

Best free VPNs for streaming Premier League

If you still want to try watching EPL for free, we have a few recommendations for you. Those also include premium VPNs with risk-free trials that can work for a limited amount of time.

  1. NordVPN – 7-day free trial, 30-day money-back guarantee, no limits
  2. Surfshark VPN – 7-day free trial, 30-day money-back guarantee, no limits
  3. PrivateVPN – 7-day free trial, 30-day money-back guarantee, no limits
  4. Atlas VPN – free version, 30-day money-back guarantee, speed and data limit
  5. Proton VPN – free version, 30-day money-back guarantee, speed limit, no P2P

As mentioned previously, there’s no guarantee that free Atlas VPN or Proton VPN will unblock your chosen streaming platform. On their websites, they clearly state that only premium plans will let you access Amazon Prime Video (streams some games in the UK), Hulu + Live TV (streams in the US), or Peacock (streams in the US).

Streaming services that show Premier League 2022/23 live online

Here is a list of the different streaming services available in countries where you can watch the English Premier League 2022/23 season. All of them are grouped into regions for your convenience.


Most countries in Europe can watch Premier League on their local streaming platform. The UK and Ireland share Sky Sports and BT Sport, while Germany, Austria, and Switzerland use Sky Deutschland.

Country or territoryBroadcaster
BelgiumPlay Sports
CyprusCytavision Sports
DenmarkTV3 Sport, Xee
Germany, Austria, and SwitzerlandSky Deutschland
GreeceCosmote Sport
IrelandSky Sports, BT, Premier Sports
ItalySky Italy
NorwayTV 2 Sport
PortugalSport TV
RussiaOkko Sport
Sweden and FinlandViasat Sport
United KingdomSky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video

Here’s a shortlist of top VPN providers for European countries in 2023:

MENA & Africa

This is the only region with a free broadcast of the English Premier League. However, it’s for Sub-Saharan Africa, a region where most VPNs don’t have servers. The free EPL stream is made available by Infront at least until the end of 2024/25 season.

Country or territoryBroadcaster
Middle East and North AfricabeIN Sports
South Africae.TV News & Sports
Sub-Saharan AfricaSuperSport, Canal+ Afrique
Sub-Saharan Africa (free-to-air)Infront

Below is a quick list of the best VPNs for some of the region’s countries:

Asia Pacific

This broad region offers an even broader selection of broadcasters. We liked that Australia’s Optus and New Zealand’s Spark Sport give you access to the full 2022/23 Premier League season.

Country or territoryBroadcaster
ChinaiQIYI, Migu
Hong KongNow TV
IndiaStar Sports
IndonesiaSCTV, Mola TV
Malaysia and BruneiAstro SuperSport
New ZealandSky Sport Now
Pacific IslandsSky Pacific
Singaporemio Stadium, LIVENow
TaiwanEleven Sports
Thailand and LaosTrueVisions, PPTV

Here are the best VPN services for countries in the Asia Pacific:


We liked that Sky Mexico covers most of Central America. That means you might not need a VPN when connecting from another country in this sub-region.

Country or territoryBroadcaster
BrazilESPN Brazil, FOX Sports
Central AmericaSky Mexico
USANBC Sports, Peacock, Telemundo Deportes

Below are the top VPNs for countries in North and South America:


If you’re on a cruise, consider yourself lucky. Sport 24 broadcasts Premier League on ships and planes all over the world.

Country or territoryBroadcaster
Ships and planesSport 24

Upcoming Premier League matches in 2022

Wednesday, 8 February 2023

  • Manchester Utd vs. Leeds Utd: 22:00 GMT

Saturday, 11 February 2023

  • West Ham vs. Chelsea: 12:30 GMT
  • Arsenal vs. Brentford: 15:00 GMT
  • Crystal Palace vs. Brighton: 15:00 GMT
  • Fulham vs. Nott’m Forest: 15:00 GMT
  • Leicester vs. Tottenham: 15:00 GMT
  • Bournemouth vs. Newcastle: 19:30 GMT

Sunday, 12 February 2023

  • Leeds Utd vs. Manchester Utd: 14:00 GMT
  • Manchester City vs. Aston Villa: 16:30 GMT

The matchup schedule is subject to change. That’s why we recommend double-checking on the Premier League website or their Twitter account.

Premier League standings 2022/23

So far, Arsenal has been holding the lead in the Premier League Standings. It seems that they’re at the top of their game at the moment and will hardly drop from their first position.

2.Manchester City21143345
3.Manchester United21133542
4.Newcastle United211010140
6.Brighton and Hove Albion20104634

Bottom line

As we’ve tried to show in this article, there are many options in multiple countries for streaming English Premier League season 2022/23. However, not all broadcasters give you complete access to all fixtures. Therefore, you might want to find an option outside of your location.

Enter Virtual Private Network. VPNs have the capability of circumventing geo-blocking, allowing you to watch EPL streams from other countries. By hiding your real IP address, a VPN also protects your online privacy.

While some free VPNs might unblock Peacock and other streaming platforms, we highly recommend using a premium VPN service, such as NordVPN. These offer servers in dozens of countries, fast speeds, and access to all Premier League fixtures from anywhere in the world.

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Can I watch Premier League using VPN?

Yes, using a reliable English Premier League VPN can unblock geographically-restricted streaming services that broadcast the matches. However, only a few service providers are viable because watching live sports abroad requires fast connection speeds, loads of servers, and apps for streaming devices.

How can I stream the English Premier League?

There are many ways to stream EPL season 2022/23. However, match availability depends on your country. For example, UK residents have to deal with blackouts, while foreigners need to sign up to specific cable providers or streaming services. The most reliable way of watching the Premier League from anywhere is by purchasing a VPN.

Where can I watch Premier League online?

Available Premier League streams depend on your country of origin. However, with a Premier League VPN, you pick the best streaming service for EPL according to your needs. For example, you can pick from Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports, SlingTV, YouTube TV, and many more.

How can I watch Premier League outside the UK?

You can watch Premier League outside the UK using a VPN. These services can change your location by rerouting your connection through a remote server. Then you get a different IP address and are no longer affected by geographical limitations. Just be sure to use a VPN suitable for EPL.

Which countries show Premier League for free?

The only region where you can watch Premier League for free is Sub-Saharan Africa. The EPL broadcast is made available by Infront. Sadly, most VPNs don’t have servers in this region. However, you can try NordVPN with its South African servers.

What’s the cheapest way to watch Premier League using VPN?

The cheapest way to watch Premier League is with PrivateVPN and Peacock. The former costs only $2.00/month, while the latter starts at $4.99/month. You can also try both out at no cost using the 7-day free trials.

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